The Buying Process


At our initial consultation, we will discuss the different types of RTM’s and floor plans we offer and help you decide which makes the most sense for your new home. We will explain everything from the design and building process to the delivery of your home and what services need to be arranged at your property.


We’ve built many homes before and we have over 30 beautiful floor plans to chose from, that you can customize to your needs.


We can provide you with an estimate based on the plan that best suits you and the features that are important to you.

Plan & Deposit

We ask for a small deposit once you’ve settled on your floor plan so that we can move forward with the official blueprints and additional planning. A depsosit is required at this stage usually 10% is required, custom designs may vary slightly. We can now scheduling a start date for construction and possession date for you. A meeting will be set up between the mover and yourself to organise a quote and details of the move.


Based on your design choices, we provide you with a final quote and our contract so that there are no surprises.


This is the fun part for everyone. We have a talented designer who works with us and our customers on every new home. The choices are endless when it comes to flooring, cabinets, lighting, countertops, paint colours etc.. We have amazing spec options to choose from. You can also walk through our current inventory to get some ideas of the quality homes we provide.

Your Responsibility

During the time of build the home owner will be resposible for the following items to be completed:

  1. The Foundation, Pluming, Electric, Hot Water etc
  2. Teleposts and Beam Package
  3. Preparing your location for the mover as per the request of the mover (anything required to be done as discussed in prior pre delievery meeting with mover after contract is signed)
  4. Line up hook up


Building process takes roughly 3- 4months unless it is a custom build which can take 5-6 months. This all depends on our build schedule and how busy we are at the time we signed contract. Your RTM deadline will be provided on the contract agreed upon. We will coordinate all the necessary documents, insurance and transportation required for moving your home to your property. Once devlievery is completed, one of our representatives will come to visit your location to inspect after delievery and to laser level your house.

Clean Up & Warranty

Once all work is complete and the heating has to be on for 2 two weeks depending on the season. Contact us to arrange a date to carry out any repairs if necessary and complete cleaning.

Prior to one year warranty expiry date, call us to arrange a time if any warranty issues exist and we can arrange for the matters to be fixed.

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