1. What is an RTM?

RTM stands for Ready To Move; meaning the homes are constructed on our site, and moved to your site when completed. Our RTM’ S are fully finished and delivered in one piece, and once on the foundation requires very little to complete.

2. Can I bring in a custom plan, or do I need to choose from your plans?

We have many plans that you can choose from, but we can also modify a plan that will suit your needs.

3. Will the walls crack during the move?

Some RTM will experience minor cracking in the dry wall during the move. These cracks are cosmetic, and do not affect the structure of your new home. Once your home is on the foundation and you have had all your utility’s hooked up. We will schedule a time to come and repair any wall cracks.

4. Are your homes inspected as they are being built?

We have weekly inspections conducted by The Inspections Group Inc. and we are a CSA approved RTM builder. CSA has a strict quality control program that we must abide by.

5. How much does an RTM cost per square foot?

The cost per square foot will vary depending on the spec finish you choose. Our standard specifications price per square foot includes many items other builders consider upgrades.

6. What type of foundation can an RTM be placed on? And who is responsible to build it?

There are many types of foundations to choose from such as wood, concrete or ICF (insulated concrete forms).  All our RTM homes can be placed on a basement, or crawl space. We leave the choice of foundation up to you, but provide a foundation drawing that can be used by your contractor.

7. What do I need to do once my RTM is on the foundation?

  • Install electrical service
  • Install plumbing service
  • Install heating service
  • Install septic and water service
  •  Install basement stairs if applies
  • Install exterior stairs to entry way

8. How much does it cost to move an RTM?

Moving cost will depend on the location and the size of the home that is being moved.

9. What happens if the RTM is damaged during the move?

The movers we use move your new home like it was their own, and are fully insured. The customer is not liable for their home until it is on the foundation.

10. What type of warranty do you offer?

We are a member of the National Home Warranty program. This provides you with ten year structural program as well as a one year warranty program with us.

11. What other costs might I expect besides the cost of the RTM?

Foundation: $30,000.00 ­- $60,000.00 – Depending on what type you choose and the size of your home.

Tip* Make sure you ask if they include the install of the beams and Tele-posts as well as basement windows in their quotes.

Electrical & Gas lines: $4,000.00 – $5,000.00 – Connecting to outside power and gas lines

Heating: $10,000.00 – Furnace, duct work, gas, hot water tank and air exchange system.

Plumbing: $8,000.00 – Finish plumbing below the main floor hook up to well and septic.

Well and Septic: $15,000.00 – $20,000.00 – Include pressure system and hook up to hose.

*Please note the above pricing is estimates only and will differ on size of home and specifications requested by you. This break down was created for a client’s purpose only, to provide a basic understanding of additional costs that can occur.

Other costs to consider:

  1. Building permits
  2. Cost of land and taxes
  3. Tele-Post & Beam Package

12. What are the advantages of buying an RTM, opposed to building on site?

Quality Control – Dedicated and experienced personnel will be onsite to supervise and inspect every step in the build, with thorough building standards and codes implemented.

Homes are built indoors with dry material producing a mold free home that creates a much healthier living environment over the life of the home, especially for people with allergies.

AvailabilityGreat selection of RTM homes, built and available for shipping immediately.

Products At Bold we strive to source only the highest quality lumber for all our homes.

  • Years of building experience under our belt, will ensure you get the best quality build possible.
  • All Bold RTM homes come with high quality appliances provided by reliable suppliers.

Process – Once you have chosen your new RTM well take care of the day-to-day details rather than you having to organize several contractors and there scheduling all on your own.

  • You will have a contact in which you can deal with directly should you have any questions or wish to find any information.
  •  Your foundation contractor can start your foundation while your home is being constructed. If your post move work is well coordinated, you should be able to move into your home in 6 months, opposed to building on site that could take 12 months or more.

Cost Management – We build your home in a controlled environment, all the materials are here on our site and everything is completed here, there is no travelling for materials or unforeseen problems during your build. What we quoted you is what you pay unless you add any extra items or upgrades.

Environmental benefits – Building homes in a factory is the best use of our precious natural resources. Assembly line processes are fine tuned to produce your home with almost no waste.

Bold Advantage – Bold as a company is a member of the Castle Building Centers which supplies from roof to floor everything needed for any building project all under one roof, and best of all the store; Contractor Direct Building Materials is located right on the Bold RTM manufacturing site. This means materials are readily available and can be sourced more efficiently, this helps lower the cost of your RTM home greatly.

Delivery – Experienced delivery team will ensure your new home is delivered to the highest standard.

Warranty: Security for your new home, please visit National Home Warranty website in order to better understand our commitment.

13. Why you should choose Bold Manufacturing as your RTM home builder?

Bold Developments has over nine years experience in manufacturing RTM homes. Our employees are the best skilled tradesmen around and our vision to provide flexible design and exceptional quality is the foundation on which we do business.

Our plans for the future is only helped by working with reliable sub-trades and suppliers that have firm roots in the industry and have been supplying products and materials for the longest time.

Call into our branch in Plamondon today or inquire to find out why more people are choosing Bold Manufacturing and get your dream started today.

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