Located 435 Km northeast of Edmonton on Highway 63, Fort McMurray is a growing, vibrant community rich in history with unlimited potential for the future. Whether you are seeking the quiet and tranquility of nature or the bustling, busy city atmosphere of a burgeoning economy, Fort McMurray has it all.

Lac La Biche boasts a well established business community which serves the needs of people in both the rural and urban areas. Lac La Biche is within easy access to 150 lakes, many with beach-side camping and white sand beaches. The Lac La Biche Region offers visitors and new families the chance to explore some of Western Canada’s oldest history built on generations of multi-cultural influence.

Fort Saskatchewan is located approximately 25 km north east of Edmonton, along North Saskatchewan River.  It was first established as a fort in 1875, a town 1904, and a city in 1985. Some of the main attractions of this city are: Down Centennial Centre, which included an ice arena, gym, fitness centre, and indoor track, Jubilee Recreation Centre, Sportsplex, Harbour Pool, and Fort Saskatchewan Golf & Curling Club situated just north west of highway 21.

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